Opposites by Anael Dena

Each week when we go to the library, I try to check out at least 1 non-fiction book.  As I looked at the Easy Non-Fiction section today the book that I chose was Opposites by Anael Dena.  My oldest daughter enjoyed the book because she liked interacting by pointing to the pictures when the text asked.  I, however, did not enjoy the book.  The pictures seemed a bit blurry with objects in various sizes that I found confusing.  My second child, who is vision-impaired, usually enjoys looking at the pictures after we read the story,  but she quickly put this book down.  The overall concept of opposites was there, but the actual pictures portraying each was sometimes misleading.  For instance, when teaching “on” versus “under” there were many objects in the picture, but the one that my daughter picked out was a block under a table.  She, though, noticed more that it was “on” the floor rather than “under” the table.  I think there are better books to teach this concept.

☆1/2 out of 5


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