Your Trip to the Library – #1

Since my husband became a librarian many mom friends have told me that they don’t use the library because it is too overwhelming, they cannot find books that they like for their children, or they end up spending more money on overdue fines or lost book charges than buying the materials would cost.  I believe that everyone can have a successful, productive, and memorable library experience with the correct tools.  With this series I hope to empower moms who are not comfortable with the library and to encourage those who are to continue using this resource effectively.  I believe libraries can be a tool for everyone who uses them to help educate and entertain their families with little to no out-of-pocket expense.  With a little preparation before you go, taking the right tools with you, understanding how your library works, and having a plan for return you and your children will look forward to trips to the library.

In the next segment we will discuss how to prepare for a successful trip to your local library.


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