Fine Feathered Friends by Tish Rabe

Summary: Although I am not usually a fan of Dr. Seuss-type books, I would recommend Fine Feathered Friends by Tish Rabe.  Today I read this book to a group of preschoolers who were learning about birds, and it was obvious that they were intrigued.  They studied the Seuss-esque pictures closely and asked many complex questions about the reading.  The book begins with an overview of the characteristics of birds, then discusses specific qualities of particularly fascinating birds, then close with the human characters getting a bird for a pet.  I found that the kids and I learned new tidbits about birds.

Pros: Fun, detailed illustrations.  Facts communicated in a fun, rhyming, Seuss-like tone.

Cons: Well, just that I am not particularly a Seuss-ite!

Age Range: 2-8

☆☆☆☆ of 5


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