Nurse Nancy by Kathryn Jackson

Summary:  Little Golden Books are timeless treasures that children want to have read to them over and over.  My mother read many of these books to me, and they were some of the first books I started collecting for my children.  Nurse Nancy by Kathryn Jackson is one of the Little Golden Book Classics, but I had not read it until someone gave it to my kids several years ago.  Nancy, an only girl with three brothers, usually pretends her chosen profession alone, but one day she becomes a very busy nurse as she saves the day by washing and bandaging a cut for one of her brothers.  Suddenly, Nancy’s hospital is booming with business as she provides lots of first aid and candy medication.

Pros:  The endearing simplicity of the story, the pretend role-playing, and the family playing together make this a favorite of mine.  Also, if you like the book Doctor Dan the Bandage Man, not by the same author, this book ties in amazingly well.

Cons:  As a mom of young children and a nurse myself, I found it necessary to explain to my kids that medicine is not candy.  In the more complicated world that we live in today (as compared to when this book was written in the 1950’s) medications that are dangerous to children may be more available to them.  I would not want any child to ingest something toxic thinking that it was candy because of something they saw in a book!

Age Range:  3-7 years

☆☆☆☆1/2 or 5


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One response to “Nurse Nancy by Kathryn Jackson

  1. Janie

    Looks cute! But, yeah, I could see needing to explain to your kids that medicine is not candy.

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