The Big Book of Things that Go

Summary:  A couple of weeks ago, I checked out The Big Book of Things that Go (a Dorling-Kindersley book) for my son, who is nearly 2.  Being a wiggly toddler, he rarely actually sits down to read to a book, but listens well on the go.  He LOVES anything with wheels, so I thought this book might just entice him to sit in my lap for a few minutes.  IT WORKED!  Last night he sat still for over 20 minutes looking carefully at each page and making the corresponding noises required by any boy.  He doesn’t usually talk much (his sisters do plently of that for him!), so I was surprised when he remarked on the colors of a few of the vehicles and different parts of a car.  There are a few words explaining various aspects of the items which could keep older children and parents engaged while the little ones admire the pictures.

Pros: Very clear illustrations (even for my vision-impaired children), well-organized, interesting tid-bits about different aspects of some vehicles.

Cons: If you can’t make vehicular noises, it just probably won’t be as cute!

Age Range: Newborn to adult (my husband found it very entertaining!)


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