Little House in the Big Woods

SummaryLittle House in the Big Woods, the first book in the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, sets the stage for many hours of captivating reading.  I suggest going ahead and reading this book to young children, as they can easily bond with the characters who are also very young in this book.  Meeting Jack the dog, Charlotte the rag doll, Ma, Pa, Mary, Laura, and Carrie will seem real and home-like.  You and your audience will almost be able to taste the Christmas candy, feel the cold wind on your cheeks, see the big “bear,” and hear the sleigh bells ring.  The occasional illustrations by Garth Williams allow the young reader to gain a visual perspective of the story in an elegant, yet simple form.

Pros: A great way to start young children on longer chapter books.  Exciting stories that children can relate to, as well as simple illustrations to help them visualize what they are hearing.

Cons:  This book is a true classic – no complaints for me.

Age Range: 3-10 (I enjoyed reading, too!)

4.5 of 5


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