Tillie the Terrible Swede by Sue Stauffacher

Summary:  Tillie the Terrible Swede by Sue Stauffacher is an interesting take on the women’s liberation movement during the 1880’s.  According to this book, much progress was made for women with a sewing machine and a bicycle.  While I do not agree with the heavy overtones of feminism, I did appreciate Tillie’s ingenuity, determination, and strength.  Overall, a well-written, children’s non-fiction book about a lesser-known woman in history.

Pros:  Effectively teaches perserverance, creativity to solve a problem, and following your dream.

Cons:  Several times the book refers to Tillie’s mother’s disapproval of her choices.  I usually prefer to read my children books that encourage them to honor their parents.

Age Range: 3-10

4 of 5


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