We Help Mommy

We Help Mommy by Jean Cushman is yet another well-loved Little Golden Book in our home.  Brother, Bobby, and (Is Sister used as her name? If not, use “sister, Martha,” )Sister, Martha, find lots of ways to help their mommy around the house.  They dress themselves, help with breakfast, sweep, set the table, and so much more!  It is encouraging to little ones to see other children doing tasks similar to those they are being taught, as well as for moms to see the types of chores that these young children could be assigned.  I love the balance of work and play that is found in this book as well as the affirmation of a job well done.  Also, the 1950’s illustrations by Eloise Wilkin are captivating and colorful.

Pros: Helpful for teaching children about chores.

Cons: Could I ever hope to get as much done as this mommy in one day?!

Age Range: 2-8

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