Andy and the Lion by James Daugherty

Andy and the Lion –1939 Caldecott Honor Book
Andy and the Lion by James Daugherty tells the story of a little boy who visits the library to find a book about lions.  He reads about lions all day long, his grandfather tells tall tales about lions in the evening, andthen Andy dreams about lions through the night.  Thanks to his prodigious imagination, Andy is able to help a lion he meets on his way to school, then visit again with the lion at the circus and in a parade.  The black and white illustrations highlighted in copper tones are very numerous in comparison to the number of words in the story, successfully engaging the attention of even young readers through thelong story.  My only complaint with this book was that page turns happen frequently in the middle of a sentence, which made the reading feel choppy to me, but kept the story moving.

Caldecott Criteria:
1. “Excellence of execution in the artistic technique employed.” – The detailed black and copper-toned line drawings are engaging for all audiences.
2. “Excellence of pictorial interpretation of story, theme, or concept.” – Yes, the pictures help the story come alive.
3. “Appropriateness of style of illustration to the story, theme or concept.” – Once can see through the pictures what is in Andy’s imagination.
4. “Delineation of plot, theme, characters, setting, mood or information through the pictures.” – Yes,the book satisfied all of these checkpoints very well.  I particularly enjoyed the emotions expressed on the faces of the lion and thepeople in the story.
5. “Excellence of presentation in recognition of a child audience.” – My children did enjoy the illustrations and story, and they laughed right along with me as we read together.
Age Range: 2-10
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