The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder

By the end of this, the 6th book in the Little House series, the reader truly feels the length of The Long Winter and the gravity of the situation for the Ingalls family.  While I enjoyed the reading of this book, I was ready for the winter to end.  The monotony of their days, the overwhelming cold lasting for over six months, and the hunger pangs they all experienced made me feel overwhelmed, tired, and glad that I was reading this book in the middle of a very hot summer.  I simply cannot adequately imagine trying to heat a house with only hay for months on end in sub-zero temperatures with little insulation or use of modern conveniences.  I have never been so hungry as the Ingalls family was that winter, and cannot fathom eating coarse bread for every meal.  I have never been even remotely concerned that my family may starve or freeze to death.  This book made me realize my blessings in having plenty of food, a comfortable home, and modern conveniences.

Pros: A great book to teach children that not everyone has food, heat, and other things they consider necessities in life.

Cons:  This book seems to drag on forever, just like that terrible winter did for the Ingalls family.

Age Range: 3-12

3 of 5 stars


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