The Dressed-Up Rabbit by Gerda Muller

In The Dressed-Up Rabbit by Gerda Muller, Kathy loves exploring the outdoors while she visits her grandmother in the country.  Unfortunately, at first she does not know how to effectively investigate the plants and animals.  She finds a bunny trapped in the woods and takes him back to her grandmother’s house where she dresses him in doll clothes and takes him for a ride in her doll stroller.  When she meets a friend on the road with his dog, the bunny is frightened and runs away, shedding the clothes in his path.  At first Kathy is upset, but Mark is able to show her where the bunny lives and how to quietly learn about nature.

Pros:  This book came at a great time for us as we embark on “Nature Studies” which is an integral part of our homeschool study.  I hope that my little girls can learn to be as quiet and patient as Katie became.

Cons:  I hope my girls don’t try to dress up their guinea pig or any other unsuspecting creature!

Age Range: 2-7

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