The Three Bears

The Three Bears, a Little Golden Book illustrated by F. Rojankovsky, perfectly pictures how Goldilocks and the Three Bears look in my mind.  The story is familiar, but as with many fairy tales, the ending differs a bit with each telling.  I like that in this book Goldilocks runs away,never to be seen again.  Much less violent than being eaten or and more just than being invited to visit again, as in other versions I have read.  The illustrations of each character, as well as the porridge and different pieces of furniture, are colorful and capture the imagination.

Pros: The illustrations are wonderful!  The story is the best I have found of The Three Bears.

Cons: I do wish Goldilocks had at least a bit of punishment for her actions, even it if was only that she was frightened enough never to try breaking into someone’s house again!

Age Range: 1-7

5 of 5!


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  1. Oh, this brings back some wonderful childhood memories! The Three Bears was one of my favourite Golden Books and if I think about it, I may actually have my old copy hidden away somewhere.

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