The Rainbabies by Laura Krauss Melmed

The RainbabiesThe Rainbabies written by Laura Krauss Melmed and illustrated by Jim LaMarche tells the story of a couple who have a wonderful life together, but still wish they could have a baby.  One night the woman hears rain falling at night and insists they go outside in the rain since she has heard that a moonshower is good luck.  As the rain ends, they see twelve drops of water each containing a tiny baby.  The couple take the infants inside and begin to raise them.  Soon they experience several trying circumstances, such as a sudden storm while in a boat, a wildfire encircling the babies, and a weasel stealing one of the infants.  One dark, rainy night the family is visited by a youg man who asks to trade the babies for a valuable stone.  When the couple refuses, the man turns into a beautiful woman.  This Mother Moonshower insists that, even though the man and woman have been wonderful for the babies, it is time for her to take them back since they cannot grow without her.  As she is leaving she shows the couple that she has brought them an adorable infant of normal size to be their own child.  This daughter, Rayna, grows up and makes the couple truly happy.

Pros:  My girls loved this book because it provided plenty of room for imagination.  I was surprised when, hours after we read together, my oldest daughter mentioned this book,specifically reminding me that she really liked the story.

Cons:  While I didn’t have anything specific against this book I did not particularly enjoy reading this fanciful story.  It was just a bit much of a stretch for me.  My girls did not like the way the story ended.  They wanted the couple to be able to keep the Rainbabies!

Age Range: 3-9 years

3 of 5 stars


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