The Princess and the Admiral by Charlotte Pomerantz

princess and the admiralThe Princess and the Admiral by Charolotte Pomerantz is a delightful tale based on Kublai Khan’s invasion of Vietnam.  After nearly 100 years of peace for this small, poor kingdom ruled by Princess Mat Mat, a celebration is being planned to commemorate the time.  Unfortunately, advisers bring news of an impending battle for which the kingdom is unprepared and fully unable to fight.  Through wit and wisdom the princess devises a plan to peacefully save her kingdom without so much as a single battle.  
Pros:  Another great book showing the benefit of mental strength over brute strength.  While I typically do not enjoy books with themes of women’s liberation, this book sweetly portrays the quiet power that a woman can have in some situations.
Cons:  The admiral was made to look quite silly, which could be taken as a negative portrayal of soldiers or men in power.
Age Range: 4-10
4 of 5 stars

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