From an early age, I have loved reading.  Some of my earliest memories are of the books that my mother read to me.  As I learned to read on my own I was exposed to various genres and developed a clear idea of the types of books that I enjoyed.  Fast forward through many years of reading to where I find myself now – a librarian’s wife and mother to 4 children who love books.  Books are my life!  As I read for myself and to my children I find books that are wonderful and I want to share with others and also find books that I would tell others are not of lasting value and thus not worth reading.  My husband and I want to expose our children to a wide variety of reading – fiction vs. non-fiction, fantasy vs. real-life, books in print vs. audio books, print and ink books vs. digital books.  With this goal in mind I want to share with readers of this blog many of the books we read, our impressions of these books, and recommendations for future reading.



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