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Sleepy Squirrel

Sleepy Squirrel by Amye Rosenberg has been a long-time favorite of my 2nd daughter, Abigail.  I think the reason she loves it so much is because she relates easily with the little squirrel who just cannot believe that she is sleepy.  Throughout her bedtime routine of eating a snack, brushing her teeth, taking a bath, and putting on her pajamas she insists sweetly at every turn that she is not sleepy.  Of course, by the end of the book she is quietly snoring before her bedtime story is even done.  While doing research for this book, I found it for sale on Amazon for over $1,000 –used!  Even though our copy is not in great shape, I will be keeping it safe from now on so I can read it in the future over and over.

Pros: This board book is easy for little hands to hold, sturdy enough for toddlers to handle the pages, and a short, but precious read for any child.

Cons: Due to the price, this is probably not a book you would want to buy, but one that could be borrowed from the library and kept in a safe place.

Age Range: 1-6

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