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Blaze and Thunderbolt by C.W. Anderson

Summary:  Blaze and Thunderbolt from the Billy and Blaze series by C.W. Anderson has long been one of my favorite books.  What little girl doesn’t like a horse story? What little boy doesn’t like a cowboy story?  Billy and Blaze befriend Thunderbolt, the last of the wild horses, while vacationing on a ranch in the West.  From the first time Billy sees Thunderbolt escaping from cowboys who are trying to capture him until he is finally able to ride the horse and call him his own, the boy is intrigued by the magnificent animal.

Pros: Throughout the story Billy learns the importance of perseverance and gentleness as he befriends this wild horse.

Cons: Since we live in town, I hope my children don’t get the idea that they will get a horse for a pet.

Age Range: 3-8

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