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Tillie the Terrible Swede by Sue Stauffacher

Summary:  Tillie the Terrible Swede by Sue Stauffacher is an interesting take on the women’s liberation movement during the 1880’s.  According to this book, much progress was made for women with a sewing machine and a bicycle.  While I do not agree with the heavy overtones of feminism, I did appreciate Tillie’s ingenuity, determination, and strength.  Overall, a well-written, children’s non-fiction book about a lesser-known woman in history.

Pros:  Effectively teaches perserverance, creativity to solve a problem, and following your dream.

Cons:  Several times the book refers to Tillie’s mother’s disapproval of her choices.  I usually prefer to read my children books that encourage them to honor their parents.

Age Range: 3-10

4 of 5


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Summer Reading

Summer Reading is our busiest time of year.  Not only do we enjoy the extra incentives to read, but we also the various programs available throughout the season.  Weekly storyhours; family scavenger hunts; and science, history, and cultural presentations by various local and regional performers and presenters add to the excitement.  I especially appreciate that I am stretched to read books on my own and to my kids that I would not have otherwise picked up or even noticed.  The nationwide kid’s theme for Summer Reading this year is “Dream Big…READ.”  If you are in the Meade area visit www.meadelibrary.info for a schedule of events.  Of course, everyone should visit a local library to get in on the fun and embrace these free summer activities help your kids DREAM BIG and READ!!!

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